Cabinet Refinishing Will Give Your Kitchen A Whole New Look

Renu LLC is a proprietary cabinet refacing and countertop restoration technique started by Renu, LLC in all of Ocean County and Long Beach Island. We save our customers money and extend the life of your existing features with our effective and affordable countertop and cabinet restoration system.

There’s no need to remove something structurally sound – just let us fix it up and give it a face-lift! Renovation of the kitchen or bathroom is simpler and less expensive than you would imagine! Simply improve your current cabinets with expert cabinet refinishing and save up to 80% instead of replacing them!

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Cabinet Refinishing in Ocean County, New Jersey

Homeowners may need to replace kitchen or bathroom cabinets because of damage, or they may simply want to modernize the look of the room. Repainting your cabinets has the ability to update and improve the appearance and function of your kitchen and can easily be done within almost any budget, where a total kitchen redesign might be an overwhelming expense. Our cabinet repainting specialists take your current cabinetry, modify the layout as necessary, add decorative accents and organizational components, paint or replace the cabinet doors, and add new hardware to create cabinets that are more appealing and more in line with look your love than the originals.

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Our finishing services include repainting cupboards, free standing pantries, and countertop refinishing in addition to repainting your cabinets. You can choose how much modification you want to include to match your demands and budget once our kitchen and bathroom professionals have shown you exactly what to anticipate from your upgrades.

Your go-to company for New Jersey cabinet repainting is Renu, LLC. Refinishing cabinets is our area of expertise and go beyond what most painting contractors provide. We are aware of how crucial surface preparation is, as well as the value of using the appropriate tools for the work. There is only one partner you can rely on for an appealing painted cabinet finish that lasts without chipping or peeling.

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Kitchen cabinet refinishing involves sanding the wood surfaces to remove any paint, as well as any minor cosmetic flaws and damage. After we finish sanding down the cabinets, we paint your cabinets, which can add a splash of color to the space. Trends and styles have changed over the years, but you don’t have to deal with cabinets that look outdated or unappealing.

Since we’re a local kitchen cabinet repainting company servicing Ocean County, New Jersey we are aware and on top of our timelines and we’ll be sure to communicate your project schedule. We’re also family-owned and operated and we treat each of our clients like members of our own family. When performing all cabinet work, we pay close attention to the details of each project to ensure a great outcome.

We can apply a fresh finish to your doors that will radically change their appearance and offer a protective covering thanks to recent advancements in paint materials. We are committed to performing a work well, in contrast to home painters who prioritize finishing a task quickly.

The addition to other features, such as new handles, faux concrete countertop overlays or high performance epoxy countertop refinishing, updated backsplashes, and organizing accessories, can complete the aesthetic of painted cabinets and modernize its functionality. Painted cabinets are currently quite in trend. This gives the appearance of remodeling without the hefty price tag.

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The skilled cabinet repainting professionals at Renu, LLC can provide you with tailored support and innovative solutions if you need help choosing the best option for your needs, space, and budget.

Take advantage of the benefits that come with kitchen cabinet refinishing and improve the look of your kitchen, call 609-618-0305 or contact us to get started.