Why Do Painted Cabinets Chip?

When it comes to painting cabinets, many homeowners choose to do it themselves in order to save money. However, one of the main issues that can occur when attempting to DIY your painted cabinets is chipping.

In this article, we will explore why painted cabinets chip and what you can do to prevent it from happening. Avoid the risk of chipping paint on your cabinets and hire the experts at Renu, LLC to do the job the right way the first time.

What Causes Cabinets To Chip When They Are Painted

Improper Preparation 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when painting kitchen cabinets is not preparing them properly before they start. Before you begin painting, you need to make sure that all surfaces are clean, free from dirt and dust, and completely bone dry. If there is any dirt or residue on the surface of your cabinets, it could cause the paint to chip off over time.

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Additionally, if you don’t use a primer before applying paint, your cabinets may be more prone to chipping because a simple coat of paint does not provide the type of surface adhesion needed for durability. Unlike an area of your home that is simply decorative and remains untouched, cabinets are used frequently on a daily basis. Doors are opened and closed all the time and this doesn’t always happen gently. The finish on your cabinets must be durable and able to stand up to wear and tear. 

Poor Quality Paint 

Another common cause of cabinet chipping is using low-quality paint. Cheaper paints often contain less pigment and fewer binding agents which makes them less durable than higher quality paints. If you want your cabinets to last for years without chipping or fading, you should invest in a high-quality paint that is specifically designed for use on wood surfaces like cabinetry. Higher quality paints tend to have more pigment and total solids which offers better protection against chipping and fading over time. 

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Incorrect Application Techniques 

Finally, another major factor that can cause cabinets to chip when painted is incorrect application techniques. If you are not careful when applying paint, it can accumulate in areas where it shouldn’t and create an uneven finish. This can lead to chips and cracks forming in the cabinet surface as the paint dries and contracts over time. To avoid this issue, make sure that you are using even strokes with your brush or roller and taking care not to overload any one area with too much paint at once. 

How To Prevent Cabinet Paint From Chipping

Choose The Right Primer 

The first step in preventing your painted cabinets from chipping is to choose the right primer. Primer is applied before paint and helps fill in any imperfections on the surface. This makes it easier for the paint to adhere properly and will help your paint job last longer. Primer also helps prevent chipping by providing an additional layer of protection between the paint and wood cabinet material. The best primers for painted cabinets are oil-based primers that are specifically designed for wood surfaces; water-based primers aren’t as effective at preventing chipping or protecting against wear and tear. 

Use High Quality Paint 

Keep your painted cabinets looking great by investing in high quality paint. Cheap paints may seem like a great way to save money, but they won’t provide the same level of protection as higher quality paints. The fact is that cheap paint will be more prone to chipping and scratches, no mater how careful you are to avoid drips and peeling and no matter how many coats you apply. Higher quality paints are usually thicker, more durable, and more resistant to wear and tear than cheaper options. Furthermore, they tend to have better adhesion properties which will help them stick better to the surface of your cabinets and last longer without chipping or peeling away. 

Apply Multiple Coats Of Paint  

If you want your painted cabinets to really stand up against wear and tear, it’s important that you apply multiple coats of paint. Applying multiple coats will ensure that there’s enough thickness in the paint layer so that it won’t easily chip away when exposed to regular use or cleaning products. Additionally, multiple coats will create a smoother finish with fewer imperfections which can also help reduce the risk of chipping over time. 

Take Your Time When Applying The Paint 

When applying the paint, it is important to take your time so that each layer of paint goes on evenly and smoothly without clumps or streaks. Make sure you let each coat of paint dry before adding another one so that you don’t risk trapping moisture beneath subsequent layers which can lead to chipping later. Also, do your best to use light strokes when brushing on the paint; too much pressure can cause air bubbles in your finish which can also lead to chipping if they are not taken care of before they start to dry. 

Why Hire A Professional Painter To Paint Your Cabinets?

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cabinet Painting or Refinishing Service

There are several benefits to hiring a professional painter for your cabinets, including having access to high-quality paints and tools, as well as having someone who knows what they’re doing on the job. A professional painting team will also have the experience necessary to provide you with quality results in a timely manner. Hiring a professional, like Renu, LLC in Ocean County, New Jersey, ensures that safety protocols are followed throughout the project, preventing any potential accidents or injuries. 

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Customization Options

As a professional contractor, your cabinet painting professional will be aware of style trends, color choices and appropriate paint finishes that will work well in your space. You will be able to choose custom colors to match your decor and they will provide insight based on experience about things you may want to avoid in your kitchen renovation project. There may even be painted patterns or faux finishes you can choose from to enhance your project.

Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Professional Painter 

Before deciding to hire a professional painter for your cabinets, there are several things you should be thinking about. These include budget, timeline, overall condition of the existing cabinetry, and accessibility of the work area.

It’s important to consider these things and understand that if you do it yourself and you make a mistake or need to fix something that has gone wrong, hiring a professional can actually provide both a cost and time savings. By hiring a professional you can have it done right the first time by someone who is experienced at providing high quality cabinet painting results.

The Cost Of Hiring A Professional Painter To Paint Your Cabinets

Hiring a professional painter to paint your cabinets is an investment into the future beauty of your home. In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing outcome, it also eliminates all the difficulties associated with DIY projects and provides years of quality service if done right. Renu, LLC performs cabinet painting projects throughout Ocean County, New Jersey. On average, the cost is $60-$70 per linear foot for a typical project. The cost will come to anywhere from $1800 to $3000 or more depending on the amount and size of cabinets, the finish chosen, the access in your physical space and the complexity of the painting job.

When looking for a painter, ensure they have experience working with cabinet finishes in order to get the results your are looking for. Doing your research and choosing a good contractor will save you time and money when they are able to deliver exactly what you want.

Final Thoughts About Paint Chipping On Cabinets

Painted cabinets can develop chipping for a variety of reasons, the most common being that the entire surface wasn’t properly prepared before painting or that too much pressure was applied when applying the paint. Additionally, it is important to use light strokes when brushing on the paint and to let each coat of paint dry before adding another one. When hiring a professional painter, make sure they have experience with cabinet painting in order to get that perfect and durable finish.

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