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Renu LLC is a proprietary cabinet and countertop restoration technique started by Dr. Renu in Waretown, NJ. We wanted to help our customers save money and extend the life of their existing features, so we developed an effective and affordable countertop and cabinet restoration system.

There's no need to remove something structurally sound - just let us fix it up and give it a face-lift!

Epoxy Countertop

Epoxy Countertop

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By applying overlays to countertops and repainting cabinets, we're able to give old features new life. You can count on us for anything involving:

  • Cabinet restorations
  • Countertop restorations
  • Custom backsplash installations

Whether you want to restore your cabinets to how they looked before or give them a new look, we can help. Get a free project estimate when you contact us today.

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