Epoxy Flooring & Metallic epoxy floor Coatings

Whether you are looking to reinforce your concrete floor, renovate or seal an old concrete floor, have something to withstand heavy industrial abuse, or want a more aesthetically pleasing finish then contact us. Epoxy floors are designed to resist everyday wear and tear, moisture, stains, bacteria, and heavy chemicals. LEARN MORE

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Revamp your commercial space with Commercial Epoxy Flooring! Discover why it’s the top choice for NJ businesses, offering durability, sleek aesthetics, and low maintenance. Whether you run a bustling restaurant or a high-traffic garage, epoxy flooring stands strong. Plus, maintaining its brilliance is a breeze! Learn how to protect your investment for lasting beauty. LEARN MORE

Outdoor Flake Floor Coating

Get the high-performance look of epoxy outdoors with superior weather, UV and moisture resistance. The proprietary flexible technology prevents delamination or peeling even under hydrostatic pressure.

With seamless, easy-to-clean surfaces, decorative flake coatings are an affordable way to resurface pool decks, patios, walkways and more. Combine colors, patterns and textures to create truly unique outdoor floor designs! LEARN MORE

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is a sleek, durable, and low-maintenance option for floors in your New Jersey home or business. Renu LLC specializes in concrete resurfacing and polishing, creating floors that last a lifetime. With options for color, gloss, and design, you can customize your floor to match your style. Save on maintenance costs, gain up to 10 LEED points, and enjoy a slip-resistant, cost-effective solution. Learn about the installation process and the alternatives like epoxy flooring. LEARN MORE

paver cleaning, sealing and restoration

The paver surface must be properly cleaned before any new sealer is applied. The cleaning method uses of a high temperature pressure washing cleaner. To remove difficult stains, a chemical cleaning agent may occasionally be used. We work with top-tier, strong machinery made especially for pavers and natural stone. The majority of the joint sand between the pavers will be driven out during cleaning, along with any debris, weeds, and plant life. Your pavers and natural stone are incredibly clean after being cleaned with our process. LEARN MORE

concrete resealing & resurfacing

We have been helping clients transform their concrete since 2009. Concrete Resurfacing Products, Inc. can revitalize your driveway, patio, walkway, pool deck and garage, and give them new texture, color and interest that will enhance the value of your property and improve the look of most concrete surfaces. LEARN MORE

cabinet Repainting and refinishing

With a high-quality, long-lasting finish, Renu, LLC Cabinet Repainting brings your cabinets back to their former splendor. One of the best features of professionally painted cabinetry is the durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean finish. Refinishing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets not only provides you with a lot more value for your dollar; it also provides you with many more options for personalization and customization. LEARN MORE

countertop Refinishing and restoration

Your guests and you both pay a lot of attention to the countertops in your home. They endure a lot of abuse as well. Food spills, knife marks, and usage of curling irons can occasionally leave scratches and stains on countertops. Our Countertop Refinish process fixes all of these kinds of damage. It’s nice to have a lot of color and aesthetic options, but what matters most to them is the coating’s tried-and-true longevity. You may be confident that this technique will endure a long time in your home. LEARN MORE