Concrete Resurfacing and Resealing Keeps Your Concrete in Great Shape

No concrete resurfacing project is too big or small for us to handle. Renu, LLC has worked hard to earn a reputation as the premier concrete resealing company in Ocean County, NJ. We have over 12 years of experience, and we leverage our expertise to provide our customers with superior service.

We provide ornamental concrete options that are strong and attractive. As one of the best concrete contractors in New Jersey, we provide decorative concrete solutions that turn deteriorated and outdated concrete into gorgeous surfaces.

We are a concrete company that can make any surface look high-end, affordably.

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What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete Resurfacing is the application of a cement based surface directly on top of an existing concrete floors surface. The final surface comes in many patterns and textures and numerous color combinations.

We specialize in three types of resurfacing…


In Ocean County, as in most of New Jersey, concrete is a common material that’s used for patios, concrete pool decks, sidewalks, driveways and more. Despite being a sturdy material, it is prone to wear and damage. Our priority is to get it back to a stage where it is both useful and appealing.

To add a decorative finish to old concrete that already exists, we work with it. Your current driveway, patio, or concrete deck will be changed to look like brick, flagstone, slate, and much more thanks to our installation procedures. Your home or place of business will look better thanks to our beautiful concrete surfaces.

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Why Work With Renu, LLC?

We have been working professionally as Concrete Contractors Ocean County, New Jersey since 2009. We provide free consultations and quotes and are happy to come on site to your Jersey Shore home or business to discuss your project. We can revitalize anything from driveways to swimming pool decks. Our professional employees, affordable prices and 2 year warrantee on our work helped us become one of the most reputable concrete resurfacing companies in Ocean County, NJ.

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If you are getting bored of drab concrete flooring and would rather not get a complete replacement, Renu, LLC is the company for you. While concrete may look fresh after the initial installation, it turns dull quickly. Plus, concrete dust is a health hazard for your lungs. Concrete resurfacing and coating can help with these worries. These services freshen your concrete flooring and coat them with protective and attractive layers. We make concrete beautiful!

Is Resurfacing Right for Your Project?

Concrete resurfacing may be the perfect solution to fix minor damage, such as small cracks and normal wear and tear that comes with age. During this process, our Ocean County, NJ concrete resurfacing team will clean the surface in question, repair any damage, and overlay a new layer of concrete to bring your concrete back into top condition. 

Stained Concrete in Ocean County, NJ

Concrete staining is the perfect solution if your concrete is still in decent condition but simply needs to be updated with a new look. For polished concrete floor services, this can also be employed as an extra enhancement to other coatings and overlays.

Getting concrete replaced is expensive, but we offer cost-effective restoration options. Reach out today to get advice on which of our services are right for you.

Make Your Stamped Concrete Look Brand New

Rely on us for stamped concrete recoloring and resealing

What is stamped concrete? It  is patterned to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. Stamped concrete can be used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries and courtyards, and patios.

Homeowners in Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas can benefit from stamped concrete recoloring and resealing. If your Stamped Concrete is wearing with age, and can use some recoloring or resealing, turn to Renu LLC.

Overlay Standard Concrete With Stamped Concrete

This overlay is an excellent cheaper option to expensive materials and is frequently used for outdoor surfaces like concrete patios, driveways, or pool decks. Numerous pavement materials, including natural stone, brick, tile, and others, can be imitated with stamped concrete refinishing.

We’d be glad to go over your options and explain the benefits of our services when you contact us today.

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