How To Clean Your Epoxy Floor

How often does an epoxy garage floor need to be cleaned? It’s best to need to clean a couple of times a year. At the end of the summer and then again, once we get through winter and spring is here. This is the perfect time to clean out all the road salt, the grit, … Read more

The Benefits Of Polyaspartic When Compared To Other Types Of Epoxy Floors

Get A Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor In Your Ocean County, NJ Home or Business!Call 609-618-0305 or Contact Us Now Polyaspartic Epoxy Floors vs Traditional Epoxies  Traditional epoxies are made up of two components: resin and hardener. The resin and hardener are mixed together in order to create a chemical reaction, which produces the epoxy coating. While … Read more

Top Reasons To Install An Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy is a type of material made up of polymers that form a strong bond when mixed together. It has been used in many industries since it was first developed in 1938, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. The most common use for epoxy is in coatings or finishes on concrete floors.  A high-performance urethane topcoat … Read more